Saturday, October 20, 2012

A short update

A long overdue update on the progress of the Lena Blanche. You'll notice some beautiful planks on the bench ready to be installed on the vessel.  It's been a great time of learning and perfecting what works best with this  trunn'l method.We're drilling through 2 1/2 inches of pine and another 4 - 6 inches of oak and then pounding in the black locust trunn'ls.  All you need are strong shoulders and back and a stubborn spirit. Hard to go in equals harder to get out, that's the plan. We'll be working on the planking for the next little while as long as the weather doesn't drop too far below 0. We've also drilled holes where the propeller shafts are going to exit the vessel and marked the location for the engines.
We've been enjoying visitors from all over the world over the past little while. Word has certainly gotten around about the project. It's been a busy time.