Monday, May 17, 2010

More on PIne Logs

Well,we got all of the pine logs delivered and we discussed how to saw them. At first we decided to saw the large ones on the band saw and the smaller ones on the turndown mill. So we started to talk about the saw blades and how best to preserve them becasue the logs had been brought out through dirt and rocks, which is very hard on the blades. We came to the conclusion that the big logs should be debarked. By hand. Oh my. We have a neighbour who comes up to our place after supper each day and on the weekends to help us peel logs. We have saved so much lumber cutting them with the bandsaw blades that we have decided to do them all on the bandsaw and the blades are doing great. Most of the planks coming off of the logs are 3" thick and between 18" and 25" wide and 20-27' long. The crane is used for everything, although we're getting better at using a roller to put them in a position to slide off the saw. It's kind of crazy but a lot of fun when you get a bunch of people involved.