Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day and Update

Happy Canada Day to all of our fellow Canadians. A great day to celebrate the wonderful country we live in filled with family, friends and freedom.
We are still going strong with making the engine beds for the Lena Blanche. It is a rather tiresome effort measure, cut, tack weld, bring back in boat, fit, fiddle, take out, weld , bring back, add on.Quite time consuming but well worth it.

There are going to be center supports as well and then everything has to go and be sand blasted and galvanized. Then on go the engines!
We also have to cut an access hole in the roof of the shed to lower the engine in. This will serve as double duty for ventilation as well. The winters are cold and damp here but the summers (July and August) can be sweltering.
Besides that, I am continuing with plugging nail holes in the sealing (there are thousands) and then we'll cut off the plugs and sand and seal with S1 epoxy sealer.
We've had quite a few visitors lately. Especially glad to see a Master shipbuilder come through for a visit and give us his blessing. Our friend Stan Jacklin brought Bill Cox, at a young 97, and his 2 sons for a visit and we had a wonderful couple of hours with them.