Thursday, June 2, 2011

Frames Finished!

We are FINALLY finished putting all the ribs in the vessel. She looks gorgeous! (If I may be so bold to say) It represents a lot of very hard, hot work. But it was good fun and very rewarding. We had a few friends give a hand a time or two and we are grateful for any who came to spend the day and swing a hammer. Sheamus spent two afternoons this week helping to bend and clamp and give me a much needed break in the nailing process. Not having to be in all places at one time is great. He took the upper part of the vessel and made it look easy.Our neighbour, Alden McNutt came up time and again to help clamp, drill and made sure everything went smoothly. Everyone needs a neighbour like him.

Knightsheads have been started and will be finished next week. We have some temporary molds to remove and replace with permament timbers and then we have many floors to cut (they bridge the keel)and join the frames from one side of the vessel to the other.

Next will come the keelson which will be cinched down to hold it all together on the keel.

A couple of pics of Warren and Bria relaxing in the bow and stern of the vessel. Always relaxing.