Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Deck Framing

Finally, putting up some pics of the new deck beams. It has been an exciting and busy time over the last couple of weeks. The vessel has certainly taken on a different dimension. We have had lots of folks through to check out the progress. So good to see everyone who comes.
 Warren using a 100 year old slick to do some finish work on a beam pocket. A slick is like a big push chisel. You don't use a mallet with this thing. Sharp as a razor, it makes short work of pesky little wood pieces.
 This is the underside of the beams looking up through the vessel. Those 'teeth' you see are the stanchion posts. The rail will sit on the top of those.
 A look from above. Those frames are 5 1/2" x 5" solid douglas fir , notched in and held there with threaded rod or bolts if we can find them long enough (so far the longest bolts we've been able to get are only 21" long.)
 This piece of wood has many names. The Samson post, poll post, and several others. It is established in the bow and there is tremendous strain on it from the bowsprit and the rigging from the sails. It has to be well seated and particularly strong.
 Notice the Samson post in the bow. It is fastened and secured to the keelson of the vessel and blocked on 4 sides of the decking with double framing. A nice shot of even more framing.
 You'll notice how close we're working to the rafters of our boat shop. A few head bumpers up there. We have certainly learned to duck and to look before we stand up! The fan is a must. It's been highly humid and very warm here the last few weeks. I won't grumble. I know winter's coming faster than I want it too.
Warren doing some fitting on the beams. Here he's setting up the partner beams so that the holes will all fit for the threaded rod.
In the bow the wood will be solid for the first couple of feet to give the vessel a good solid structure up front.
Until next time. Thanks for checking in and we'd love to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Deck Beams

Lots of pics today. We have started to put in the deck beams and the vessel is starting to take shape. It's great to be able to see the usable space in the below deck and know that you're standing in "the galley" or the "Captain's cabin". When you look at the hull as just the hull it's hard to envision how it will be divided into different areas but put on a few deck beams and it gives you a different perspective.
 Some of the beams are double beams. This is one side of a double beam. It is the start of the bulkhead for one of the cabins above the deck. The bulkhead is integrated into the main structure of the vessel instead of being bolted on afterwards.
 "THE WALL" A lot of old tools and new ones. Our guest book is off to the right. We try to remember to have our visitors sign our book but sometimes we're so wrapped up in the visit that we forget. Oops. Let us know on the blog if you've forgotten to sign in and we'll add you. The arched beam on the work bench is the sister to the bulkhead beam in front of it. Just about ready to be laminated together and installed.
 A little brain storm session with our friend Corey.
 The deck beams are cut from douglas fir planks 3" x 12" x 36' . Absolutely gorgeous lumber.
 This is the 'old fashioned' way of making deck beams. It's a sliding gauge for making the arch. Works perfect but it takes a lot of room .
 One in and it's perfectly level.
 Three installed here.
Between the Captain's cabin and the pilot house there will be a walkway.

We're continuing with the plugging of the spike holes in the interior planking. Trying to keep busy and get the little things done too.