Saturday, May 3, 2014


What a fantastic day we had. We have many visitors come through our shop each year and we are always thankful for the wonderful people we have met while building Lena Blanche.
Today we had the Antique Tool Collectors Association come to visit.Some are not only tool collectors but boat enthusiasts as well, much to our surprise. It was a great afternoon with us showing and describing how this vessel is going together as well as a visit through the foundry and through our workshop basement where we rebuilt the engines for the Lena Blanche and built  our little skiff boat as a winter project.  These fellows (and one lady) showed themselves to be people of great knowledge and experience in so many different areas.
We demonstrated some trunnel making and then got a couple of guys to work driving them in the planking.
They surprised us with a present. They presented us with a slick that is over 100 years old. They had a leather sheath made for it and I can guarantee that the blade is razor sharp. A slick is a large chisel that is used by just pushing it through the wood, there is no mallet involved.
The weather agreed with us today and it was sunny and warm so we even got a chance to stand around outside and have a chat after the tour.I always love hearing about the grandfathers who were boat builders and about the different trades and hobbies that people pursue. It was a great opportunity to reminisce about our maritime history and different trades that you don't see very often nowadays and to hear stories that keep them alive in our memories. We also got to talk about the crafts and woodworking skills that so many of these men keep active with in their daily life.
Much thanks to them for their visit and for the slick. It will hold a place of honour in our boat shed and in our hearts.