Friday, July 8, 2011

Keeping On, Keeping On

Well, we're back to the template board, as you can see. We are drawing the templates for the floors- those in-between wedges joining the two sides of the frames together. We have some of them placed but not installed yet and we're working on the upper ones now. More pics to follow next time. The knightsheads are all placed, ready for their bolts. They need a little fine tuning but that should be done by next week. Almost ready for the keelson- yeah. Should see a pic of Warren and Ronnie deciding if THAT oak is going to be okay for the keelson. (They decided yes). Ronnie Mosher and his wife Susan have been our primary suppliers of the oak in the vessel and they popped by for a visit the other day to see their wood as a schooner in the making.