Friday, October 7, 2016

Hi all. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated but there has been lots going on in our little Shop.  We've had quite a few visitors over the summer and there has been lots of woodwork going on too. We did get the propeller shaft holes all done

 and the engines look great on their galvanized beds.
We made and installed all of the scupper blocks for the port and starboard sides of the vessel,
The scuppers allow the water to drain off the deck rapidly.
We also put in 4 x 4 pieces between some of the posts to  attach rigging tackle.
Today we finally finished the covering boards which is the start of the decking process. It looks fantastic. I am so excited about the deck going on. But the vessel is getting so high now that it's harder for our visitors to get a look inside.

We also formed the stern of the Lena Blanche. She will have a rounded stern rail. It looks absolutely beautiful. When the top rail is on the whole ship she will be a sight to see.
It will be a great area to sit and share a story and a laugh, holler at the person at the wheel and look back at where you came from. Maybe enjoying the sunrise or the sunset  (depending on which way you're sailing)
We're starting to dream a little about destinations.  Where would you go in your vessel? What wonderful sights would you like to be witness to?
Can't wait to hear from you.