Wednesday, February 24, 2016

We're almost at the end of February and I can see spring's light at the end of our winter tunnel. This year has been a welcome relief from the last couple of very cold,  very  snowy winters we've had. We have even had the opportunity to work outside a few days and that is highly unusual.
 Varnished blocks waiting for sheaves.
 The three stages of a block. (Bottom) all rough (right) sanded and ready for router work, (top left) routered, sanded again and varnished.
Mast hoops being sanded. After this router in and sanding the inner edges.
 Mast hoops (60) in the process of 5 coats of varnish.
Warren at the end of a tunnel of mast hoops

We'll keep working on the components until we are able to get back in the shop. It's certainly  nice to see all of the finishing  touches being finished now instead looking for them later. When the vessel is ready to go I want to be able to attach the hoops, blocks, and deadeyes and raise the sails .
Next week. Making the irons for all of this woodwork.