Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brrr Are you ready for Spring?

We've had a cold one haven't we? We were shooed out of the boat shed by cold weather and car troubles. Thankfully, the car troubles have been fixed. I know far more about fixing engines than I care to AND most importantly, SPRING IS COMING. Whoohoo. This weekend we are heading back to the shed and picking up the tools to continue on with the building. When we scarf the planks for the vessel we put epoxy in the splice and epoxy will not cure in the extreme cold so we haven't taken a chance with possible future leaks.

This does not mean we have been idle. We have 2- Detroit Diesel 4-53 engines that we have been dismantling, cleaning and replacing the inner parts. Everything had to be cataloged, scraped, checked over for any wear and now we are waiting for seals and refit parts. When it all goes back we will have 2 new engines. It's all looking good.
Keep warm.