Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall in the boatshed. No, don't fall- Autumn

So, we've been questioned about new pics. The trouble with showing pics of the progress is that, well........ it never looks like as much in pics as it does when you see it in person. I tried to take pictures that show how high up the planks are now and they just look like pictures of planks. These planks are now above my head and let me tell you it is hard to swing a 5 lb hammer above your head to smack in a trunn'l. I have to, gulp, sometimes ask Warren to finish a trunn'l because I can't actually reach it with the hammer. There. That is my confession for the week. I am short! Who'd have thought, right?
 Here is a pic from way up high in the cutting room. The stern board  bottom is about 11 feet off the floor
 Warren reaching up. The green you see is the the rudder and rudder shaft.
 A view from the side of the rudder and the fittings and planks.
 A broader view. Can you count the trunn'ls? We have to take more harpens off to put the next strake of planks on.
 This is part of the forest of head bangers that we have every time we put a new plank on. Keep your eyes open and your head down. Notice the harpens above the clamps- they have to come off for the next plank but for now we are making use of them for hold downs to make sure that the planks are tight together.
This is looking aft from the bow on the starboard side. I can stand under the stem (or forefoot) that you see on the edge of this picture. The bottom of the keel will eventually have a cap on it (as a worm shield).
We are enjoying the visitors that we have- and there are many.Great to have so many people encouraging us on. We have even become a stopping site on people's vacations each year.