Sunday, May 15, 2016

Antique Tool Association

This week has been a busy week for both caulking- yes, the gift that keeps on giving, and for visitors. It's easy to tell that spring has sprung. People are starting to get out and about on day trips and such.
This is the weekend that we get our (now) annual visit from the Antique Tool Association.  We had a wonderful visit with old friends and met some new people from different parts of the Maritime provinces. If you are a collector of tools (woodworking or otherwise) give these folks a call. They are a great bunch, full of enthusiasm, knowledge, and a practical joke or two.
This year they surprised Warren with a family flag for our vessel.  I'm proud to say I kept a secret for almost a whole year and there were times the emails were a flying to get the right emblem. Much thanks to Art Keeble and everyone else in the association  and to Carole Aylard at the Flag Shop for all of the beautiful work. We absolutely love the flag and we enjoyed the visit with everyone yesterday.