Monday, May 8, 2017


Whew! What a morning. We started some decking this morning and then the company started to arrive. First our dear friend Les showed up and we had a great catch up time with him. Les, besides being a good friend, is the professional behind our engine rebuild for the vessel. We took two 1970s era Detroit diesels and totally rebuilt them with all new working parts under the guidance and actual hands on participation of Les. He has been a huge part in the running of these engines. Thank you, Les.
Then we got a visit from friends that Warren knew as a child, the MacPhee's from Port Williams, NS. Marilyn is actually Warren's cousin and they had a great time reminiscing about things on the shore when they were young and the influence of grandfathers and uncles in their lives. It was my first time meeting these wonderful people and they brought us a nice treat from the Valley which
we will certainly enjoy.
While they were here we were visited by new friends. Brent and Fran have been here before  but brought folks who they thought would enjoy our project. So nice to meet and have a chance to share what we do.
And of course our  friend John B. Great to catch up on the winter's happenings.
Now it's time to grab a bit of lunch. (I'm writing on the fly ).We have visitors dropping by this afternoon to see about some cannon work and we're hoping to get some rail work done before nightfall.
Smooth sailing, everyone.