Saturday, June 24, 2017

Summer 2017

So much has happened over the past month (or so) I'll just plug up a whole bunch of photos and say a few things about  them.
 This was a beautiful gift from one of our visitors Marshall Conrad. He came with a friend of ours and I got to asking about his hobbies (sometimes I feel like all I ever do I'd talk about us and our stuff) and he said he made rock sculptures. When people make things with their hands I get intrigued. I asked if he would send me a photo of some of his work and he went one better.  On his next trip to visit our friend Alfie had this beautiful piece which I am so thankful for.  It lives  in my kitchen and gives me great delight everyday.
Now back to work. We've been working on the rail for the most part .

We got a couple of orders for casting in the foundry. A little bronze  and some aluminum work as well. Above are the wooden patterns for the aluminum work we did. And below is the imprint it leaves in the sand after it has been 'rammed'. There is a core in this one so that it will leave a hollow  part in the casting.

Finished casting ready to be cut apart and sanded.

We also had to do a little maintenance on our sawmill.  It was feeding too fast through the logs and needed some other tweaking and a new coat of paint so we finally got at it. We sawed some oak with it and it is working perfectly. 

Warren sanding the supports for the cat heads. The cat heads swing the anchor over the rail to prepare for lowering or raising to store on deck.

These are logs that were delivered this morning.  Spruce. There's a main and fore boom there and a main and fore gaff as well as a bow sprit and jib boom. The rest will be some planking and maybe another smaller boat, wink wink.
Hope you are all well.
Fair winds and Smooth sailing