Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Late fall update

It's safe to say I have a boat load of pics to show you all. This has been a great building season and we're not quite through yet. The weather is still cooperating with us and we've been in the shop most days.
The covering boards and border deck plank is all on. The planking just above the scuppers (and the scuppers obviously ) is completed.

We have spent a great deal of time plugging bolt holes and painting and varnishing deck beams and boards. Quite a bit of the decking is between 36 and 40 ft long. It's lovely stuff. Straight grain fir.
Today we started to install the decking. whoohoo !

We started making some of the supporting knees yesterday .  The 2 for the Samson post supports that post where it meets the keels on.  They are 7" × 4" (w x thickness).  They are made of laminated oak.
Warren has started to sand the hull of the boat again. We wanted to wait for the cooler weather to start because the caulk (5200) is so rubbery it sands better cold. Makes for a lot of work. We burned out one sander and had to invest in a new one. Not really any shame for the old one, it's done A LOT . 
I have to put in a couple of pics of our steamer. We couldn't fit the wood for the knees in the boiler so we nailed up a box with some old boards, worked like a charm and the oak stayed as beautiful as ever. Almost seems a shame that no one will really see the knees.

We started to do the design work for the bow carvings but that's a bit of a secret yet. Just so you know it's in the works. 
To those who have visited over the past couple of months it was great to have you here. 
Bye for now

Just took the knee out of the jig. Here's a pic planed but not cut to fit.