Sunday, January 22, 2017

Keeping on, keepin on

The knees are all bolted in the Samson post and the keelson. It took some planing and fitting to make it exactly what we wanted but I think it was worth it. Strong and sweet to the eye. But, oh, the vacuuming!  The poor shop vac earned its keep that day. 

 The grey/ black water tanks are well underway. They smell of polyester resin abounds throughout. We are making sure to keep everything well ventilated.  One of the great things about fibreglass is that if you can think it ip, you can make it. So these tanks are specifically made for this vessel. That way we can make the best use of the space we have without taking up living space.

This is sort of what it looks like when we're planning what's next. The design of the fuel tanks starts out with a bunch of calculations and cardboard. You'll notice that we have help with our floor work.

It's supposed to be fairly decent temperatures this week so we may get more decking/ structural work done to the hull. Have a great week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A new year.

Happy New Year - 11 days late but better late than never.
We had a lovely Christmas.  Quiet but nice. Saw family and some friends both new and old. We often go a little stir crazy because for a few weeks it seems as though you can't find time to get at anything. We are now getting back to the routine.
Several people have asked us if we are going to be ready to launch for the 150 anniversary of Canada.  Unfortunately,  this is not to be. It would be a wonderful thing to be a part of the tall ships sail past to celebrate our great country and the great history of these beautiful ships. We look forward to the day when we can be a part of this proud tradition.
Now on to a mini update:

We have started the molds for the fibreglass tanks.

We have done quite a bit of glass work before- Warren used to run a shop way back when and we have made some steeples and other pieces here as well. Never get used to the smell though. Phew!
We have fitted the knees  fore and aft of the Samson post.  We're just waiting for a day when it's warm enough in the shop to bed them in before we bolt them in securely.
 We are still doing some decking when it's not horribly cold in the shop. And getting little fiddly things fixed up so that we won't be held up later.
Hope your 2017 has started  well and that good things follow you throughout the year.