Saturday, June 13, 2015

Interior / Engine Supports

It's been a busy time since we've been able to be back in the shop. It was such a long winter that I suppose we are trying to get everything done at once. We started off planing and sanding the entire hull. It looked like a snowstorm INSIDE the shed for about 2 weeks. Then we had to make 3 batches of sealing for the interior. Lots of shavings to use for the chickens' house and a lot more that had to be burned. Now we are working on making the engine bed supports. The engines will be on a 2 degree incline and they will towed in to align with a center point in the stem. This is so that if the boat is being driven with only one engine it will require less rudder to keep it on a straight course. They are both 4-53 Detroit Diesel engines that have been rebuilt entirely.

 This is the beginning of the engine bed supports. It will all be steel in the end but wood gives us an idea of the elevation.
 We have been busy with the sealing (ceiling)- the interior planking. The areas that aren't sealed are going to be below the cabin sole therefore open to put in tanks and other things that need to go "below". You see Sheamus giving us a hand plugging all of the nail holes.
 And there are lots of nail holes!
 Looking forward. The piece of wood going crosswise about half way up is where the engines will sit.
Looking aft from the bow Warren is surveying his work so far and piecing it all together in his head.