Friday, February 19, 2010

Starting Out

We've decided that since so many people seem interested in the building of this vessel that we should offer a regular update of the progress of the project.
Right from the start I will say that this vessel is NOT a yacht and will never be so referred. She is a vessel. A yacht is full of chrome , plush seats and horse power. A boat is a lifeboat, a fishing boat, a rowboat (all noble, respected tools of industry). A ship is usually made of steel, huge (eg. bulk carriers) or naval ships.
A vessel, on the other hand, as referred to on our shores for hundreds of years is a fore and aft rigged schooner, sloop or whaler that plied our waters carrying freight and fish to our shores and the shores of New England. They were lovingly crafted of local woods and worthy of sail. They historically had no engines (although this one will).

The Lena Blanche is a fore and aft rigged topsail schooner with auxilliary engines. She will be crafted somewhat like the vessels built and known as Tancook Schooners. Her frames will be made of red oak,her planking will be of white pine and her decks will be fir. Everything else you'll know as we go along. We think this should take a couple of years to finish so patience on everyone's part is hoped for. Let's set sail.


  1. YES !!!!!
    Excellent !!!
    I will faithfully follow this blog and make a valiant attempt to not harass you guys.

  2. THis is a wonderful idea! So interested.....can't wait to read on.