Friday, December 28, 2012

Work in progress

Christmas is a few days behind us so we're trickling back into the shop. (Trying to work off all that turkey and those chocolates we've been eating) Thought you might enjoy seeing someone sweating a little- every trunn'l brings us closer to her finish.
We've heard of quite a few people who follow the blog quietly. Thanks for following and please let us know who you are in the comments or become official "followers". I'll try to update more often.
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that the new year brings health and good times.


  1. Love it !!!! If it stops storming we'll be down !!

  2. One of the quiet followers here - it's been very interesting! I believe I heard about your project and got the link from Rural Delivery.

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  4. Amazing project Warren,making a dream a reality !

  5. I'm sweating just watching that video. It's amazing to see it coming together... I really admire the work that you're doing!