Saturday, August 24, 2013

Busy Saturday

So between trunnelling, cutting, fitting and gluing new planks and turkey farming this has been a busy day here at the farm/ boat yard. I'll show a couple of up dated pics but first I found the video of the first plank being trunnelled. Warren used the wooden mallet to hammer the trunnel at first but since then we have switched to a 5 lb hammer. I believe the poor mallet would have suffered irreparably from such abuse.

I don't talk much about the activity around here but we get quite a few visitors to the shop. Often it's someone who was told by a friend who has been here. It's usually a great way to meet other boat enthusiasts and we have found that everyone has a good story to tell. This week we have had visitors from Maine, Maryland, Ontario, Nova Scotia (other parts of NS) and Warren's son, Adam, is visiting from Fort MacMurray. Between visiting family and friends and doing some things that he needs to do he's able to give us a couple of days help working on the boat- I see a boat building future for that fellow. Our son, Sheamus, also stopped by to give us a day's help with the boat. It's great when the kids, well, not really kids anymore, still want to be involved with what's going on.

As you can see we generally fasten a plank to one side of the vessel and then fit and glue one to the other side. We try to keep both sides symmetrical.It was a super day in the shop and a great day outside. Sunny, clear and 20 degrees C.

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