Saturday, September 13, 2014

Welcome to fall.

So it's time for an update. Hello to all those who we hear follow the blog from all over. Hope you all had a great summer and a beautiful fall. We are loving being able to work every day without sweltering or freezing.
We are on the 4th strake from the sheer. Whoo hoo! Now when kids ask if the vessel would float RIGHT NOW if it was in the water I can honestly tell them yes.  You can tell from the pics that she is getting that finished look to her hull. Notice the wine glass shape of the stern and the thickness of the planking as it borders the transom.
 Port side looking forward from the rudder.
 Taken from the cutting room. Notice the trunnels as yet untrimmed.
 Knightsheads. The planking is getting up there.
 Looking aft of the port side. All of the trunnels will eventually be trimmed and the whole side sanded.
Starboard side looking forward
We are going to keep working this fall until all of the planking is finished. Hopefully we'll be able to heat a small portion of the boat and do a little work this winter. We will need to coat everything with sealer and paint and then put the wooden ceiling (planking) on which should go faster than the exterior planking. We are trying to decide how to divide up the area below decks and have a few ideas. We plan to have the interior all drawn up before we put in the deck beams.

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