Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lovely Gift

Happy New Year.
We have been out of the shop for a couple of weeks now with the holidays and the colder weather. We have taken to doing in house work like making chain plates and baggy winkles. We won't need either right away but eventually they will come in handy and working towards something keeps our hands from getting idle.

We had a surprise and welcome visit from two people this morning that we have come to know through the building of the Lena Blanche. They are boat enthusiasts and charming to boot. Steve Wynn and artist Al Chaddock. Al presented us with one of his original paintings of the stern of the Lena Blanche and Warren in the foreground. We are quite thankful for this  lovely gift and wanted to share it on our blog. So with Al's permission:

We plan to have it framed and put up where we, and all those who come to visit, can enjoy it. And as Al requested we will use ' the finest galvanized nails' to display it.  Such a sense of humour. Thank you so much for the beautiful painting and thank you both for the visit. We hope to see you again soon.

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