Saturday, May 2, 2015

Professional Design Input

Last weekend we had a visit from Emanuel Jannasch  and Dean Dumaresq. Emanuel is an Architectual Professor and Dean is a student finishing his Master's degree, both from the Dalhousie School of Architecture. You may remember that last fall we invited the students in that program to use our vessel as a project. They came to our shop and measured the vessel up and down, backwards, forwards and inside out. From these measurements they produced a model representing the usable space of the inside of the vessel and Dean produced a set of interior designs for the vessel itself. It is remarkable to see what the inside of our vessel could look like. This vessel is not a blueprint from someone else's design so the inside was also up for grabs, as it were. It was amazing to see the berths and galley and focs'le, even good to know that a head or two would fit into such a compact area. It is easy to see that Dean is quite capable in both traditional architecture and could lend a very competent hand at naval architecture as well. We are extremely thankful to Emanuel and all the students who took on this project. You did a wonderful job.

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