Friday, September 18, 2015

More deck Frames

 Finally an update this month. It's sure been busy. These are some of the half beams that are going on the main cabin.  They will be all double beams with  threaded rod through them for added strength.
 This is a angle gauge- yes, surprisingly homemade. Haha. It extends for the length of the half beam and both ends are adjustable for the angles of the clamp and the cabin side.
 Under the deck beams looking forward.
 Under the deck beams looking aft.
 Tried to get a good shot the whole length of the vessel but it's difficult when you can't get further from the boat.
 These are the carlins for the  main cabin. They are  27 feet long. Thank goodness for chain falls.
This pic was taken tonight. We are so excited about how the vessel is coming together.
As always we would love to hear from you if you're following our progress.

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