Saturday, January 16, 2016

Special guests

 We had some special guests in the shop today.  The TNR (Truro North River ) 4H club came for a visit and a tour of the shop. We had about 16 kids and adults come and take a look. The weather predicted was pretty crummy so some folks may have had a hard time coming out. That just opens up an opportunity for them to come again another time! The kids are involved with everything from woodworking to painting and scrapbooking to woodsman competitions and animal husbandry. I even overheard something about computer work. An amazing organization and a great bunch of people.
We want to say thank you for their gift of the 4H woodsman touque and the beautiful belt buckle.  It is fantastic and Warren will wear it with pride. We can't wait to see your woodsman competition this year and cheer you on. Thank you all for coming.

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