Tuesday, March 1, 2016


A lot of hoop-la around here these days. (I couldn't resist a horrible pun). The last couple of days have been so beautiful. We did work in the basement  and finished our mast hoops

But we also got down in the shop to work on the finish plank and I continued plugging spike holes in the sealing. It always feels like visiting an old friend when we're working on the vessel. 
Warren is finishing up a bunch (35) of belaying pins. Used to tie off (belay) the ropes, I'll put up a little pic after they've been coated in linseed oil. Some of them are angelique and some are white oak.
For those who would like to add a photo or ask a question or comment (or whatever) we given Schooner Lena Blanche her own Facebook page. Please stop by and have a look. We would love to have some feedback. The blog will still have all of the background information but the fb page will be a quick way to check on progress. Hope to hear from you soon

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