Thursday, December 11, 2014

After the flood

Hello from the boatshed. Yesterday was a great rain throughout Nova Scotia and Truro got it's share. The cutting room of the boat shed, which is a dirt floor, is soaking but not underwater. It just makes your boots clog up a little with shavings. Scrape them before you enter the vessel! Today, however, was sunny and gorgeous. It was at least 15 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and we certainly enjoyed it while we were putting ceiling in the Lena Blanche. We had a couple of friends drop by to check on the progress and to have a little visit- and to smell the oakum- and we had some other things to do in the basement workshop.
Warren has been making a little forge in which to make the irons for the deadeyes,the boom bails and mast bands,goose necks and all the irons for the schooner and it has a powerful blast to it. When he starts engaging it I will post the pics of our fiery friend.
Today I have pics of the new interior that we are working on. We have 5 strakes of ceiling on so far. We can usually put in one strake on in a day.
 Warren removing the clamps, getting ready to put the next piece in the vessel.
 Each piece of ceiling is 2" x 3" v-joint pine. It will all be painted white.

A close up of the work. All of the nail holes will be plugged before it is painted.
If we don't update before Christmas, we would like to thank you all for your interest in this project and to wish you a Merry Christmas or whatever celebration you celebrate in your home.

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