Tuesday, December 2, 2014


We are into December and thankfully we are still working fairly steadily on Lena Blanche. She is now planked and we have started to install the ceiling in the interior. We sealed it all with S1 on the interior  and painted all of the ribs with oil paint. Now we're covering it all up with pine ceiling (sealed, of course, with S1 epoxy).
We have taken delivery of 320 lbs. of oakum and 18 lbs. (so far) of cotton so that in the spring we won't be held up with the caulking. All that has to be done before that is planing and sanding off the entire exterior of the vessel..........no sweat.  Well, probably a lot of sweat, but good sweat.
 18 bags of cotton each weighing one pound.
 One bag opened up to have a look at the quality of the oakum. Hemp and pine tar. Mmmmm
8 bags of oakum- 40 lbs in each.

We've had quite a lot of visitors this fall. So nice to meet so many new people and so nice to have folks return who make our boat shed part of their yearly visits. 
Tomorrow it's supposed to warm up again and so we'll be back in the boat continuing with the ceiling. Pics to follow later.

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